Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Baby

It's June 4th today....6 months and 4 days have passed since 2009. My, my time flies! We're gonna countdown to 2010 in no time. There's just so much left to do isn't it? I feel like I have this long list (mental list of course, knowing me) of to-do's but time slips away like water through my fingers. And in times of pressure, I tell myself that after I wrap up with whatever that I'm doing now, I'll take a chill pill and relax, go somewhere quiet for a vacation or just shop till my knees buckle. I suppose that thought is what keeps me going; it helps when you have something to look forward to. Be it admiring the fruits of your labour or spending some quality time with your loved ones. Alas, till that time comes, I am bundled up in my marshmallow jacket in my freezing office, trying to do as much as I can before going home to continue with my baking stuff. So far, it's been pretty crazy (as in good crazy) and I am thankful for it. I have said this many times and I will say it again, I am very lucky to have supportive friends who have been giving me the opportunity to contribute to their special occasion. And with the help of Facebook, I am able to share my passion with fellow cupcake enthusiasts. As I am still building my portfolio, most of my projects are my firsts. Every delivery (what a pun!) is like a baby, lol. (Sleep deprivation is making my write silly things)

And oh, speaking of babies, an old hometown friend has commissioned full moon sets for her 1st born, a cute baby boy by the name of Tristan (don't you just love that name?). Tristan's mummy and I have been firing off emails discussing about the order since he was still comfortably nestled in his mummy's womb. I gotta say, Tristan's mummy is one cool babe. Right after we finalised the quantity and packaging, she handed over the creative power to me. In fact I didn't hear from her until wee Tristan was born. Lol...

Here's a look see at the fullmoon set for Tristan. A total of 90 boxes, with 4 mini cuppies and 2 red eggs each. That translates to 360 cupcakes and 180 hard boiled eggs...*woot*!

the red eggs are optional these days but it's nice to mantain what we can of this lovely tradition (although the REAL traditional way is to dye the eggs with food colouring, not dolling them up in pretty crepe paper..heehee)

the adorable dino tag is made by my bff Sweet, she's into crafts and the likes
I should have taken a pic of the other side of the tag, it read, "Baby Tristan's One Month Old!"