Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attack of the Boobies....and Bulges...and Buttocks

Hello , it's been a while. Yes. So here's how I'm going to make it up to you. Less words, more pictures.

Guys, please feel free to drool over these juicy jugs and ladies, the 'boys' are reaaalll happy to see ya! (It seems that the T&A & BIP variety is going to haunt me for a while...lol)

this one's my personal favourite, lace inspired bikini
soooo sexayy!

Mark initially asked for dragons or Ben 10 but I suggested these :)
Thanks for letting me have all the creative power Mark!

look at those......Pamela Anderson would be proud

bulges, bulges everywhere!

is it me or it's getting hot in here?

for the animal in you!

this set is for a birthday girl, Happy Birthday Shikin!

It's great doing these, because I am so used to them already. And the weather have been soooo delightful....at least in terms of handling fondant. It's been blazing hot so the figurines dried off nicely on their own.

My coming projects won't involve body parts :) I got my 1st corporate order last week! Oh my....how exciting. The toughest part of doing a corporate order is to get the logo and colours right. The toppers are done and I am going to bake and decorate tonight. I really hope the end result will be fantastic. At this point of time, I'm looking at the toppers and double guessing myself.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Randoms and some Pups

I don't know how to start off this entry....lol. I want to share with you pics of my latest cupcake project but I just can't seem to write properly. The sentences are just not forming in my head, so I think apologies are in order. I am just going to write whatever that comes across my mind and hope that I get to the point.....eventually.

Random lament 1: Just finished watching the latest episodes of Dancing With the Stars. It makes me want to sign up for ballroom dancing right now! Oh to be in the hands of those hunka-hunka pro dancers...you can twirl and dip me anytime baby! I bet ya those dancers could eat a dozen cupcakes and still maintan those hot bods of theirs. No such luck with yours truly :) Anyways, it's a good thing I'm not able to vote from where I am, I would be absolutely torn. Melissa's such a doll and Tony is a wonderful man. Lil Kim got that bionic butt of hers and Derek is such an awesome choreographer. Shawn & Mark, they're simply too cute.

Random lament 2: Have not been posting recipes for ages! Oh my.....not impressive. The thing is, TW & I have been cooking BUT we've been having the same stuff that's been posted here! Lol.....we're actually simple creatures; a home cooked meal keeps us more than happy and it doesn't matter if it's the same old menu. Ok tell you what, I will experiment on cheese baked rice sometime soon and will post the results here (even if it sucks). Deal?

Ok randomness aside; I made cupcakes. No surprises there...lol. But this time I ventured out from my comfort zone of sculpting fondant and used piping technique to decorate the cuppies. I prefer fondant actually, because I feel that I have more control of what I'm doing and if I ever screw up, I could just start over with the same lump of fondant and not waste anything. Piping buttercream requires a steady pair of hands and certainty; no double guessing once the cream flows out from the tip or that exquisite rose swirl that you're attempting might just turn into a messy, squishy mush. But heck, I've gotta start sometime.

And what better timing too. I received a birthday order for a girl who loves dogs. At first I thought of sculpting some puppies but the weather's been a b**** lately. Playful puppy might just turn into sick puppy with all the humidity. So I did some research, got myself a book and I was on my way to puppydome. There wasn't much to prepare before hand, unlike fondant which takes up a lot of time sculpting. With this piping technique, all I gotta do is make sure there's an ample amount of buttercream.

It was a pleasant surprise when I found out that piping is a whole lot of fun (major thanks to the instructions from the book). On the downside it can be rather messy and greasy. I have what people call 'hot hands'; the buttercream tend to melt from the warmth of my hands so I had to work quickly. The hot afternoon weather was of no help either. If this ever happens to you, just pop the piping bag into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes. That should do the trick. 

Time for some pictures. Here's my 1st puppy - a west highland terrier!

ears are made of marshmallow, eyes - mini M&M's, nose - chocolate candy, tounge - fondant

And then came some other adorable puppies that I have no idea what breed they are until now. Lol....Here's the cute bunch;

the pug looks kinda off....haha....
but I am in love with the sheepdog :)

And....I couldn't resist;

nom nom nom nom....

You can make them too, yes you can! Here's an online tutorial and video ;) Have fun my friends, I'm sure you're gonna have a blast. Let me know how it turns out? Cheers!