Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Attack of the Boobies....and Bulges...and Buttocks

Hello , it's been a while. Yes. So here's how I'm going to make it up to you. Less words, more pictures.

Guys, please feel free to drool over these juicy jugs and ladies, the 'boys' are reaaalll happy to see ya! (It seems that the T&A & BIP variety is going to haunt me for a while...lol)

this one's my personal favourite, lace inspired bikini
soooo sexayy!

Mark initially asked for dragons or Ben 10 but I suggested these :)
Thanks for letting me have all the creative power Mark!

look at those......Pamela Anderson would be proud

bulges, bulges everywhere!

is it me or it's getting hot in here?

for the animal in you!

this set is for a birthday girl, Happy Birthday Shikin!

It's great doing these, because I am so used to them already. And the weather have been soooo delightful....at least in terms of handling fondant. It's been blazing hot so the figurines dried off nicely on their own.

My coming projects won't involve body parts :) I got my 1st corporate order last week! Oh my....how exciting. The toughest part of doing a corporate order is to get the logo and colours right. The toppers are done and I am going to bake and decorate tonight. I really hope the end result will be fantastic. At this point of time, I'm looking at the toppers and double guessing myself.....

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