Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mango Pudding HK Style

Was in HK a couple of months ago and finally managed to get a taste of the infamous mango pudding. Tasted yummy but my only complain was that the portion was too small. Perhaps it was for the best, as we ordered quite a few other desserts as well. There's this other type of yummy mango pudding served with silky smooth tau foo fa.

Check out the presentation....dried ice...

Anyway while we were chowing down the desserts, I promised my sis that I'll find the recipe and make it for her once we get back.

Here's how my pudding looks like (sheesh that sounds wrong huh...;)

Bought this adorable Hello Kitty mould at Ladies Street HK.

The difference between the HK pudding and mine;
  • HK pudding is silkier where as mine is mousse like.
  • HK pudding comes with a dash of cream (i think it's condensed /evaporated milk, as you can see in the 1st picture) where as mine is served err..milkless.
Having said that, I do think that my version of the mango pudding is rather delicious as well, thank you very much :)

It's really simple to make and the ingredients can be found at any local supermarket. The best thing is, you can get mangoes all year round here! Go on and try it for yourself, no regrets I promise. Maybe the next time, I'll tweak the recipe a bit, replace the mangoes with oranges or durian even!

Here's the recipe, courtesy of baking mum:
100gm mango puree
100-150gm mango cubes
100ml whipping cream (you can also blend the 100gm of mango with whipping cream to get the puree)
20gm gelatin
80gm sugar
300ml water
250gm of mango ice-cream (Vanilla ice cream is fine as well)

1. Mix water, sugar and gelatin in a pot. Boil over slow fire until sugar and gelatin dissolves.
2. Leave the mixture to cool. When cool, add mango puree, mango cubes, whipped cream and ice-cream. (tips: melt ice cream at room temperature and stir well before adding to avoid mixture from getting curdled)
3. Stir mixture well. Pour into moulds and leave in fridge to set. (tips: it might be a little difficult to remove the pudding from the mould, no worries, use a toothpick!).

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