Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's The Time of The Season

Christmas is just around the corner! Even though I don't observe the religious aspect of it, I embrace every other bit of this wonderful celebration. It's yet another season for food, gifts and lots of love. I took the opportunity to channel all of them into something that I could think of; cupcakes!

I started baking early in the morning and left the vanilla and choc cupcakes to cool while I prepared the decorations. All the figurines were made with 100% fondant, which was sooooo unwise. I totally forgot about the humid weather and as a result, lopsided snowmen! And by evening, a couple of them were already on their backs staring up innocently at me. Oh well, I should have known better. Lesson learnt there.

The candy cane was totally unplanned. I had leftover fondant and the next thing you know...tadaa! The holiday sprinkles were courtesy of Aunt Evelyn & Uncle Weng Kay. They actualy spent about 2 hours strolling through the aisles of Phoon Huat to get me my baking stuff, bless them. And what a haul it was! A 3 tier cake stand, a 56 piece master tip set, tip covers, savers and brushes, decorating bags, spatulas, icing colours, a cupcake cookbook, heart shape plunger cutters...the list goes on. I am so blessed!

christmas tree no.1  

christmas tree no.2

candy cane anyone?

armless snowmen! *smack on the head* i forgot about those too

made possible with the help of my mom
we made 3 sets; for Maggie, Jan & Aunt Evelyn

Season's greetings! 
Merry Christmas everyone!
p/s: my newly wed brother forgot to get me the green ribbons i asked for, red's kinda nice too eh?

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