Sunday, September 28, 2008

Egg Tarts (Version 1.0)

Hello! It's been a while since my last entry. Work in the past week has been crazy. I've done the morning shift, the afternoon shift and also the SPLIT shift. Yes, this is where I spend the 1st 4 hours of the morning shift (0630-1030), go home (to supposedly get some rest) and then get back in the office again for the final 4 hours of the afternoon shift (1600-2000). It's awful yes, but I am thankful it's just for a fortnight.

Anyways, I went back to my hometown on Friday night and recuperated by making some fudge brownies and egg tarts. The brownies were fudge-tastic but the egg tarts, unfortunately were not so. But it's alright, this is where I learn and improve the next time. 

You can get the recipe from these 2 fabulous sources, Nicole of bakingbites or Kuali. Mine was from Nicole's. I need to assure you that the recipe is perfectly fine but I think my method of execution wasn't. 
Ok, let's do a post mortem on my tarts. Haha...sounds wrong. 

Blunder no.1: Something's not right with the butter. Now I'm not putting the blame on the cow but the butter did taste rather different. Sure it wasn't expired but it wasn't fresh either. I suppose it's been sitting in the sundry shop's cooler display cabinet for some time before dad picked it up. Oh and I am pretty sure the butter's been keeping some sausages and vegetables company for a while too. Lesson learnt. Get good quality butter from a store that separates their dairies, meats and greens in proper sections.

Blunder no.2: Tart crust was too thick. I admit I wasn't patient enough when moulding the dough into the muffin pan. (Hey gimme a break, I woke up at 7am to make these babies and it was my first attempt at pastry dough). Lesson learnt. Have enough sleep OR use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and cut out using an upside down cup before fitting it in the muffin pan.

crusty craters....cringe!
Blunder no.3: Foam ain't pretty. You'd want a golden, glossy finish. Lesson learnt. Skim off the white frothy stuff from the egg yolk mixture. 

mass bubbles of un-prettiness

However all is not lost. Lady luck was kind to me, there was ONE tart that turned out quite alright. And here it is, tadaa!

better results next out for version 1.1!

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