Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homemade Goodness - Soya Bean Milk

Some people believe that expecting mothers should take soya bean milk regularly during the phase of their pregnancy so that their baby would have fair skin. I'm rather skeptical about it. But what I can vouch for is how delightful, a cup of cold fresh soya bean milk feels gliding down your thirsty throat on a hot day. Ahhh...... 

Making your own soya bean milk is fairly easy, albeit tideous. I can attest to this because I made some the other day :)

I got about 3 litres of milk out of 200gm of soya beans (and 3 litres of water of course). Here's how you do it;

1. Soak soya beans in a bowl of water overnight.

the before

and after, look how the beans expand overnight

2. Throw away water and rinse beans under running water.
3. Place half the amount of soya beans in the blender with 1 litre of water. Blend till smooth.
4. Strain mixture using a muslin sieve. Squeezy squeezy :) Do not throw away the pulp just yet.
5. Repeat blending & sieving process with the remaining half of the soya beans and another litre of water.
6. With the last litre of water, blend pulp, strain and discard.
7. Sieve milk for one final time to remove any sediments.
8. Boil milk in a large pot, keep stirring to prevent the bottom from being burnt. (yes, it sneaks up on you, so keep stirring!) Add in pandan leaves. 

scoop out the foam that forms

9. Bring milk to boil till foaming for 3 times.

* I added sugar as I go along. So am not really sure how much I used.

have it hot or cold, delicious!

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