Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look Ma, cupcakes!

I signed up for a cupcake decorating class with Cake Connection and boy, was it fun! Nancy, the lovely instructor demonstrated the making of the cupcakes and frosting and then she showed us the correct way to handle the decorating tools. Then the real fun began when she taught us how to ice the cakes and pipe some basic designs like the star, rosette, rose, balloon & leaves. We were then given 6 cupcakes each, bowlfuls of pastel coloured frosting & a few decorating tools to start designing on our own. 

It was rather interesting to see everyone's faces as they went about their task, some were smiling and some with wrinkled foreheads. Mine was a combination of both, I was rather wrinkly at first but soon got the hang of it and I was grinning from ear to ear.

At the end of the 2 hour session, this is what I've done. 

took this shot right after the class ended..tsk tsk....

In detail, this is what I've learned in terms of piping techniques. Clockwise from top left;

  • Peachy pink sundae swirl cupcake with silver dragees - using an open star decorating tip 1M. I would love to explain it to you but these guys do it better, Wilton ;) 
  • Lemony yellow cupcake with rosette - using an open star decorating tip 22. Those red flecks are edible glitter.
  • Pretty purple cupcake with flower and leaves - this one's simple. I just plopped a ready made sugarpaste flower in the centre and piped some leaves around it, using tip 67. And some purple glitter to fill up the space around it....
  • Yellow cupcakes with a trio of balloons - balloons were created using tip 12, while the string and ribbon using tip 2. And oh...some yellow glitter all around it. Sheesh...I am really loving those sparkly things.
  • Pink cupcake with purple flowers - using the same 1M tip for the sundae swirl, different technique. And  i just HAD get my hands on the sprinkles. This time I used pink sugar crystals.
  • Baby blue cupcake with stars to form the letter 'L' (don't know why I chose that aphabet though....I must have been feeling the LOVE there...) - using the same tip 22 for the rosette, different technique. And of course, some pink, blue and purple glitter. Gawd, someone call the glitter police!!!
Here's a close up on one of the cuppies;

check out my stars, they remind me of xiao long bao :)

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