Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Do You Do With 320 Cupcakes

Why, you give them away of course! Hello there, I'm back! And how have you been? :)

The past 2 weeks have been hectic but loads of fun. Had my hands full with cupcakes, cupcakes and more CUPCAKES. Goodness, I even dreamt about them in my sleep. And when I woke up, the smell of vanilla and buttercream still lingered on my hands. All for my brother's wedding which was, awesome! I hereby would like acknowledge the 2 fantastic sous chefs i.e. mom & sis who came to my aid. You guys are champions!

The first batch of 120 cupcakes were delivered to the lovely bride in Singapore, as part of the bridal gifts (along side some other auspicious items) from the groom. The 20 boxes of cupcakes survived the journey, although I freaked out a little when I found out that the boxes were growing warm, tucked away for 4 hours in the car boot. But thank goodness for the fantastic buttercream recipe; none of the cuppies suffered the effects of gobal warming. Phew!

The fondant flowers were made 3 days in advance while the baking was accomplished the next day (2 types of cake, the basic chocolate and vanilla). Finally all decorating works were done the following day; there were a total of 6 designs. Everything was kept simple as I didn't want to be too ambitious the 1st time around. 

from the back: chocolate cake with cocoa buttercream, chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and the rest are vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

these are all vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Wanna take a closer look? Here we go :)

lovely metallic dragees

nothing says it like to 2 hearts united on a cupcake!

swirly swirly
I kinda like the orange one in the background, it reminds me of sea corals. No Nemo though :)

6 in a box

And they were packed in these (brace yourself Wee, lol!)

Mom flat out disapproved of white boxes (she didn't think it was auspicious) & i couldn't find silver ones that could fit 6 regular sized cuppies. I drove from Puchong to Section 14 to Kota Damansara to Kepong, alas, the search was futile. These are SCREAMING auspicious, don't you think?

the rest of the bridal gifts
spot the not! :)

Well, that's the first 120. I'll write about the rest of the 200 in another entry. Till then, take care!
And oh yes, I'll post the recipes too ;)


Tracy Poh said...

That's the way to go, girl....
So proud of you, ets!

cupcakesordeath said...

thks trace! i'm over the moon :)

dinahon said...

can i know how much you are charging for the cupcakes?


cupcakesordeath said...

Hi Dinah, I've sent you an email from my account BunsInTheOven.