Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miniature Cakes

I went for this very interesting miniature cakes class about a month ago (yeap...this post is long overdue) at Cake Connection. I was a little unsure and very, very excited. I didn't know if I could pull it off. Because they're so small, and I have large, sometimes clumsy hands. Really.

But our friendly instructor, Lynette made it so much easier with her clear instructions and demonstrations. As usual, print out of recipes were provided, as well as materials like cake, fondant, sugar paste flowers and decorating tools. We were taught 2 types of miniatures, a single tier square cake and a 2 tier round cake. And then the time came when we had to spread our wings and fly.......Lynette went round asking which miniature we'd like to start off with; almost all of us picked the square cake. Lol....but it was inevitable. Like Lynette said, sooner or later we had to finish both of them.

The cake provided was madeira and let me tell ya, it was really really good. That's because Lynette used pure vanilla extract and it made a world of difference. No sickly sweet artificial smell, just pure floral vanilla. The buttercream was equally good, light and fluffy. We were in good hands :)

It took us about 2 hours to assemble miniature cakes of our own. Everyone was beaming with pride by the end of the class. It was so satisfying to see something so delicate made possible with our bare hands. We all swore not to eat the cakes...haha, well how could you? Take a look at the pics and you'll see why.

this is the first cake, looks pretty simple eh? it's about the size of my palm
and can u see the half way done 2 tier cake in the background?

pardon my very un-manicured thumb, just wanted to show you the size of the cake in relative to my hand

2 tier mini cake, looks like a wedding cake eh?

these are done by the master herself, Lynette
the stripey green cake on the left was a demo only, not included in our class
very tedious work as the green lines were piped alternately with royal icing

cross section of the cake....
just in case 'some' people don't believe that it's edible, rite Darryl? :p

I would say that I'd love to make miniatures again but probably not for sale. They are very tedious and time consuming. But having said that,  they are such a joy! It's like producing a work of art. This is definitely one of the best classes that I signed up for. 


Anonymous said...

omg... the wedding cake is so beautiful...!! can i have one? :P


beginner said...

hello cupcakesordeath =)
wow, love the minis. they are so petite and easy to gobble up ya

me first time visiting your blog..you from PJ, KL or Penang? love your creations.so envee =)
by the way, the 2 tier mini, is it assembled with 2 mini cakes or use the Wilton special baking pan?

cupcakesordeath said...

Lilian darling! Sure you can :)

Beginner, thank you! Thanks to the inspiration found on www, we can do anything now :) I'm based in KL now, keeping my day job and baking on the side. To answer your question, the 2 tier mini is assembled with 2 cakes. The cakes are cut using round cookie cutters and stacked on top of each other, covered with cream followed by fondant. Cake Connection is having classes for this, if you're interested :)

beginner said...

it is really MINI then..I thought it was a product of the Wilton special pan =)
umm..not on budget for classes..just learning from generous and helpful people like you on the internet now =)
thanks for information though..keep up the good work!!hope to see more of your creations here and in MCDC!