Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Kong Hey Fatt Choy! Time flies, it's already the 6th day of Chinese New Year (not to mention the last day of the first month of the year!), I hope you had a fantastic one! This year, my family & I gathered at my sister's place up north; 8 grown ups and 1 super energetic toddler all cramped up in her cozy little apartment. And truth to be told, this is by far the best Chinese New Year that I have ever had. All we did was eat, snack on peanuts and sunflower seeds, drank Kickapoo and shandy, played poker and took turns entertaining the little princess. My goodness, she sure has LOTS of energy than all of us combined....on second thoughts, I think we are the ones who are getting old. I used to be the baby of the family and I'm hitting 30....go figure how old the rest!

It's been a very refreshing CNY this time around; no temple hopping (back home, my parents & I would go to about half a dozen temples in and around the city on the 1st day of CNY), no visitors (we've got no guests to entertain here at my sister's place) and no home made traditional cookies (pineapple tarts are my mom's specialty). 

However there are traditions can't be missed. We had an energetic, tummy stretching reunion dinner (steamboat this year) and mellowed down to a more relaxed session in front of the telly while waiting for the clock to strike midnight. And oh boy, when the clock struck twelve, the firecrackers madness began! My fellow Chinese here sure are festive! On and on distant bangs were heard followed by occasional mini explosions that made us jump in our seats. We also managed to catch a short display of fireworks beyond the many high rise buildings. No pictures taken though; too engrossed to grab our cameras.

I also managed to whip up some cupcakes upon request by my sister. She started buying cakes for CNY two years back, check out the pics.

the one on the left is from year 2007 and the right 2008
Truth to be told, I just can't stand having non-edible stuff on cakes. 
Look at the plastic cherry blossoms! tsk tsk....*shakes head disapprovingly*

It's my mission this year to keep up with this new tradition of hers. I couldn't bring along too many of my decorating tools with me as I'll be taking the bus back to KL. So I managed to come up with 6 very simple designs; a goldfish, a moo cow, firecrackers, mandarin oranges, pomelos and cherry blossoms. (I still think they're not festive enough....perhaps better designs next year)

the auspicious 6

green juice pomelos

happy (punk?) goldfish

succulent mandarin oranges

fiery firecrackers

This Chinese New Year was certainly different but in no way less enjoyable. After all, it's the company that counts :)

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