Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comfort Food - Century Egg Porridge

TW & I were wondering what to have for dinner when she suggested porridge. I usually have minced pork porridge back home in Melaka, but here in KL, there's just so many to choose from. There's this little stall in Sri Petaling that sells a variety of them. From claypot to tomyam to frog (eek! but I must admit the poor amphibian does taste very delicate). I personally prefer my porridge with meat in it but back home mom just loves to have them plain, accompanied with sweet dried sambal anchovies and peanuts. But that recipe, is for another day. :)

So for our dinner, I opted for this simple recipe. I just salvaged what's left in our refrigerator. Here's my version of pei tan chok. Enjoy!

This recipe serves 2:
1 cup of rice cooked with 10 cups of water
2 pieces of ginger (about an inch each), bruised
1 cube of chicken stock

chicken fillet (or pork)
1 century egg, shelled and diced
1 cooked salted egg, shelled and diced


shallots (sliced thinly and fried till crisp)
spring onion, coriander leaves (chopped) and ginger (sliced thinly)

Here's the fun part:
Put rice, water, chicken cube and ginger into a rice cooker. Let it boil (15-20mins) and add in the chicke
n fillet. When the fillet is cooked, remove to cool and then shred. Return the shredded chicken and diced eggs to the rice cooker. Cook for another 5 mins and that's it!

To serve:

Dish into a bowl and top with garnish. Don't forget a dash of pepper and oh, best eaten while it's piping hot!

nothing beats this as comfort food

dig in!

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