Monday, July 21, 2008

R&R weekend

After a (good) afternoon watching the whole season of Pushing Daisies, my bum started to sore from too much of lying on the couch. So giddy up I went and here it is, my weekend project - Rum & Raisin Ice Cream.

Here's part of the cast, with the tall handsome gentleman in the middle as the protagonist;

Actually the recipe calls for semi skimmed milk & muscovado sugar (a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavour), but I couldn't find either from the local hypermaket. Did a search on google and found the best alternative that I could come up with. (Truth is I got confused, the more I googled, the more definitions and explanations came up. And that was only good old MILK. Not to mention the musco-yada-yada so I made a wise decision, haha). Semi skimmed milk was replaced with low fat milk and muscovado with brown sugar. That's it, the final ensemble cast.

The process itself was rather simple. Just like any other ice cream making process, it includes whisking, simmering and more whisking. And oh, also that classic method of
 "coats the back of a spoon". That troubled me at first. But thank goodness my custard mixture began to thicken soon after I put it on the flame. Phew....

Then came the easiest part, chilling! Both for me and the mixture. One went in the fridge and the other one surfed FB. :)

After a few hours, came the churning process. Here's how it looks like, rockin' & rollin' in the freezing bowl;

After that's done, rum soaked raisins were folded in the soft ice cream. It took another few hours before it became this;

End result: I think there's way too much raisins and it could be sweeter. But all and all, ok lar. :)

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