Thursday, July 10, 2008

NICE stands for Nutella Ice Cream's been a couple of months since I last blogged. Blame it on procrastination. Which boils down to.....ME. Gotta kick this habit of mine. life has been rather e
ventful since the last entry. Let's see now; went for an island holiday, got straight again (calm down folks, I'm talking about my hair), moved in with my colleague TW, got involved in a car accident and got myself an ice cream maker. Yup, was so excited about the whole idea of making my own ice cream but didn't put the machine to the test until yesterday. Alas....procrastination got the better of me, yet again.

Since my blog is about food, this entry will be about my new toy - the IM280. My mean lean ice cream machin

A few weeks before it arrived, my bf
f Sweet and I went to scout for recipe books. That was how semangat we were. We also raided almost every duty free shop there is at our island holiday, for flavoured liqueurs and rum. And so with a bottle of Captain Morgan and a couple of recipe books clutched in our arms, we went home and waited diligently for our parcel. came! Sweet was more excited than I was. You could see the sparkle in her eyes when she received it. Hah....

Sweet was first to de-virginise her
machine. Twas rum and raisin for her. Mine was a far simpler recipe. Nutella. I figured it would be wise to use a fuss free recipe for the 1st time. So I googled and yahoo-ed till I came across this no brainer recipe.

All you gotta do is mix the ingredients together, chill and churn. That's all! Here's a pic of the heavenly mixtu

And here's the end product. All I can say prepared for sugar rush!

the texture is more like gelato than ice cream

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