Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carefree Cupcakes

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog, if you've been following this little blog of mine, you'd probably notice that there are more posts on cupcakes of late. It's not that I've not been cooking dinner at home but a few cupcakes orders have taken up most of my evenings. And lately, the requests for the designs have been more and more challenging. From dragons to Ben 10 to Totally Spies. Oh my! I am very excited yet the little voice inside of me seem to snigger, "Dragons?! Better not let it turn out to be a flying worm or something!" But those orders are for a much later date, sometime in April. So I'll have time to do my research.

Just a fortnight ago I did a simple and no-frills cupcakes for a couple of hometown friends. One's for Albert & Jacq's lunch party and the other a belated full moon treat for Fabian & Felicia's colleagues. There were no particular theme requested, all Jacq asked was for some flowery designs. So I cut out a few types of flowers & butterflies in soft pastel colours, in an attempt to create a garden like feel. As for Felicia's I decided to go with a soft swirl sprinkled with orange sugar crystals, which would compliment the yellowish tinge of the zesty buttercream (her cake of choice was orange poppyseed).

5 simple designs for Albert & Jacq

i used 2 different tips for the swirl, the one in the middle is Wilton's no. 2D which creates a soft fold swirl and another huge numberless one (kinda like Wilton's 1M), which I got from a local baking store that produces a sharper sundae like swirl

a combo of vanilla & orange poppyseed cakes

Orange poppyseed cake with zesty buttercream for Felicia & Fabian

And since I had extra batter, I decided to bake it in smaller souffle cups.
And since I had extra buttercream, I tried my hands on the rose swirl too.
After a few tries, I almost got it! Yippee!

And those were the last simple and carefree orders I made before the most challenging one came up. I mean, it was really a good experience but the drama that unfolds with it! I shall let you in on that one in my next post. Until then, take care and again, thank you for visiting my blog :)

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