Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project V-Day 2009

Happy Valentine's! So how did it go? Got cramped up in over-crowded restaurants, paid big bucks for flowers or got all hyped up for the much anticipared Rihanna concert but finally told that it's been cancelled? Yea, I know. It's disappointing....but hey, I heard that the organisers are trying to get it re-scheduled so look on the bright side. And oh, btw...I did none of the above :)

I've been diligently stuck at home, working on some orders for Valentine's cupcakes (as mentioned in my previous post). Went over board with all things lovey dovey, my teeth ache by just looking at them.

Toppers were made with fondant and gumpaste while the cake came in a choice of 2 flavours; vanilla with vanilla buttercream or orange poppyseed with zesty buttercream. All and all, it took about a week to put everything together; from designing to shopping for materials, to moulding, baking and decorating. Of course, the baking and decorating bit was completed on the eve of Valentine's. Wanna make sure that the cakes are as fresh as possible.

Let's take a look at some pictures shall we;

this is Wilfred, he's the centre piece

he's also the delivery teddy, see the box of candy and bouquet of roses in his chubby arms?

and here's Wilfred again, taking his rightful place

the cuppies comes in a box of 6,


or 9,
this set comes with an embroidered gift tag, a lovely little cupid lollipop holder
my sis made it, you can check out more of her creations at

The first 2 boxes went out on the eve of Valentine's eve (that makes sense? and the rest were delivered the following day. A big thank you to all, especially to those who placed their orders. I really hope you guys like them and that it'll add a little sparkle to your special day.

And oh if you're wondering what I did for Valentine's, nothing out of the ordinary really :) Although JL's around, we did not go out to celebrate. Hmm let's see; breakfast was supposed to be pan mee at SS19 but the queue was too long so we had mixed rice instead, delivered a box of cuppies to Sweet after that, then we headed to a workshop (my car decided that she too wants a Valentine gift, so I got her a new battery), went home and found out that the toilet is stuck, got that sorted, went out again to the supermarket to stock up on baking supplies, got home and cooked a simple dinner of teochew porridge and then called it a night. Ordinary, but pretty eventful nevertheless :)


JasLee said...

Wilfred got a little tired sitting around holding a bouquet in my box of 6 & decided to take a little nap, lying down *lol*

cupcakesordeath said...

oh my! Bad..bad Wilfred! Apologies dearie...did you spank him real GOOD? heehee....